Vacation rentals cleaning

Vacation rentals

To become a successful host you really want to hire a top-notch short term rental or vacation rental cleaner or a cleaning company. Someone, who is absolutely proficient at their force. We dare to say we ARE THAT!

It takes more than just an average cleaning person to keep up with the irregular dates , with the very narrow time window to prepare the unit for the next arrival, to do the laundry, to get it all done to your and your guests satisfaction in time on time! With over 10 000 rental departure cleanings we are pretty familiar what it takes to keep your vacation rental going at 5 star status. A proper set up from the beginning is the turn key to a successful stress free vacation rental property.

  • Bathrooms

  • Kitchen

  • Surfaces

  • Carpet vacuuming


Below you can find a basic price list for a variety of services provided. Please note, that each job requires a different approach and therefore we are here to offer a free in house quote. Do not hesitate to reach us anytime!

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Rental units- short term

$45/h/pp for domestic general cleaning of short term rentals periodically occupied units, regularly reoccurring service contracted jobs

$140 a minimum charge for any short term rental domestic general cleaning of short term occupied units , regularly reoccurring service contracted job

$60 minimum charge for linens / laundry services , individual pricing based on type, size and total weight of linens , price includes laundry pick up & drop off.

Add ons

Appliances cleaning cost apart from general cleaning (applies usually for start up initial visits, periodic deep cleaning of individual sort term rental units)

$60 Refrigerator detailing
$60 Oven and stove detailing

Why to hire Sea to Sky Cleanology for your short term rental or vacation home cleaning?

  • Our experience enables us to save you money and minimize costly mistakes and stress coming from hiring wrong folks to work with

  • Avoid all possible problems that come up with inexperienced companies and poor new arrival setups

  • Things done right on the first attempt – hiring unsupervised and untrained cleaners for the sake of low price may cost too much trouble

  • FREE onsite quote ! The initial up to 30min onsite meeting is at no additional cost. Let’s discuss in person your setup, contents, condition, linens

What to expect

  • Before and after cleaning booking dates confirmation

  • Check and report of unit condition upon each visit

  • Prepared and always ready onsite housekeeping and utility closet

  • Detailed cleaning and disinfecting procedures

  • Team leaders and cleaning team trained up to the standards

  • Laundry service included (bed and bath linens)

  • Amble Amenities

  • Guest departure procedure on a display

  • Emergency assistance on call

We go the extra mile to serve you better

We understand that every property has its unique cleaning needs. Contact us with any specifics! Call / text / iMessage / email anytime for a free in house quote! Residential cleaning | Rental cleaning | Commercial cleaning | Move out / in cleaning

Sea to Sky Cleanology cleaners are professionally well-trained workers and speak clear English to avoid any miscommunication issues. Maya herself and any team leaders and members are always only a phone call away to assist you with any last-minute emergencies.

Short term rentals and vacation home cleaning time frames

To keep your business fluent and always ready it is our best interest to make sure cleaning service and prep for the next arrival is completed at the quickest possible time window. Your guest check-out time is 10:00 am and our goal is to have it all ready by 4pm for the new check in. Please note: Unforeseen traffic issues can cause housekeeping delays, please be mindful that traffic on sea to sky highway is unpredictable. The check-in and check-out list is updated by the owner emailing each time a change has occurred.

Rental cleaning service and linens rotation set up

  • Bathrooms

  • Kitchen

  • Surfaces

  • Carpet vacuuming

  • Floor mopping

  • Bedsheets and pillowcases

  • Duvets and pillowcases

  • Towels – bath, hand, washcloths

  • Kitchen towels, dishcloth, fresh sponge

  • Refillable amenities at your disposal

  • Dish soap liquid

  • Dishwasher detergent capsules

  • Hand soap liquid

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Shampoo and conditioner

  • Body wash liquid

  • Toilet paper

  • Paper towels

  • Trash bags small and large for garbage, recycling clear blue

Mid-stay cleaning

Short term vacation rentals are considered stays under 7 days. If you receive a booking longer than that we strongly suggest midstay cleaning to keep your guests fully happy and satisfied. It is a place refreshing procedure adding your business the golden care your guests will highly appreciate.

Deep cleaning

Vacation houses and Short term rental units DEEP CLEANING

In order to keep things under control we provide before and after season deep cleaning for each unit. It restores order, declutters, organizes, identifies potential hazards, provides foundation linens management. Dates and times for the deep cleaning are based on your unit booking availability. Blocking 2-3 days for the procedure is an approximate time frame. A semi-deep clean is provided during the peak season at some units. All to be discussed as per particular situation.

Bed and bath linens

Successful cleaning within reasonable price range includes having enough linens onsite for each turnover. A lot depends on your rental timing set up. In average and based on our years of experience our recommendation is to purchase 2.5 to 3 sets of bed , bath and kitchen linens. To keep the pricing for your future laundry service on a lower threshold linens should be white, light weight, inexpensive, 100% cotton. All is stored in a dry locker of your house or a unit. All linens are professionally laundered off site.

We go the extra mile to serve you better

We’re different, that’s what makes us so special. Sea to Sky Cleanology prefers to take the natural and mindful approach to home cleaning. Our team uses all-natural cleaning products to get the job done. All of our professional cleaners are well-trained and speak clear English to avoid any communication problems. When you sign up with us, we will create a personalized job description that reviews everything we plan to do. This is a measure taken to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction and to maintain a consistent level of quality in our work. Oh, and we’re pet-friendly!

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have been using Lysol Clean & Fresh while the EPA and CDC review our disinfectant cleaner.